Esba Commerce

We are an association of various entrepreneurs and consultants who have the goal of supporting companies in international trade with a wide range of services.
We can be your general agent in the local market, find a reliable trading partner for your business, help you to obtain the goods you need or sell goods on your behalf on the local market.
While we are responsible for the mediation, after mediation our clients are responsible for the conclusion of the business. Simply write to us and we will find a local middleman or a dealer who will supply you with merchandise.

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Our Services


We will find you contacts with entrepreneurs in other countries.


We look for reliable business partners for you.


We organize business meetings with partners in Europe and state-approved translators.


We research for your company suitable manufacturers, sellers or suppliers for desired new and used trade goods.


We organize your trip by booking your flights, rental cars and hotels.

How It Works

1. Contact Us

Send us a Request with what kind of Business you want to connect with.

2. We find the right business Partner

or representate directly your business in the local market.

3. Meet your Business Partner

We establish a connection between you and your potential business partner

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